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Time spent on analytics vs field marketing

Marketing is part science and part art. Some marketers may be trapped by the endless loop of statistics and analytics, some by choice, some by compulsion, and some others by pressure. But how much time and effort is enough, and how much is too much?


Analytics? Useful, but don’t go overboard

Every marketer or client seem to dive into analytics these days. But to what extent should we lean on analytics?

Customer service and social media – Think back-end first

Some recent marketers were commenting that social media can be a compelling means to gain more customers through good customer service. However, the devil is in the details.


Website optimization for marketing campaigns

Let us examine a typical scenario. A consumer products company engaged an interactive media agency to design a marketing campaign website for consumer engagement. While the site looks flashy, it ran into a lot of usability problems. How do you design a website for marketing that just works?

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