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Facing the giants of social media

Social media platforms and apps, as with any other technology, is down to how committed you are.


Get coding, before obsolescence bites you

The break-neck speed of acquisitions today rival the heydays of the dotcom era, before the dotcom era crashed. While we dance with many social and mobile media technologies, we must also be prepared for the inevitable.

Survival lessons from Uniqlo’s Yanai

Survival of the fittest is no cliché, but rules the light-speed world we live in today. While monolithic and gigantuan organizations and institutions are struggling along, some are finding that survival is about how brutal and honest you can be with pushing yourself towards progress and sustainability.

My top 10 apps for PR and Communication

Everyone loves lists, and having seen some lists of recommended mobile apps for PR practitioners out there, I offer some of my own, apps I actually use as a social media and PR consultant.


3 ways to owning content like the big shops

Every now and then, there are news about competing offerings from the big contenders – such as between Amazon, Apple, and Google. What does it mean for businesses big and small?

HD filmmaking gear

Advent of “brand journalism”

The media landscape is blurring, with blogging, social media, and now, “brand journalism”. Just how do we keep up with the changes?

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