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Hammers, Swords & Computers – they are just tools, not gods

I find it amusing, as a computer scientist and cybersecurity practitioner, that many, nerds and non-nerds, are enamored by all things computers – coding, cybersecurity, AI, etc.

Footsteps in snow

The meaning of life is simple. Are you brave enough to embrace it?

Apathy is a social ill that is increasingly pervasive. And yet, people are craving to find the meaning of life. What then, is the answer?

Footsteps in snow

If you have just one hour of life left, what would you do?

Life is unpredictable, and you are never sure what will happen, or when. So, if you have just one hour of life left, what would you choose to do?

Antique Chinese scrolls

Respect and standing firm in our roots

Each culture has its own unique nuances and “tao” (道, “way”) of doing things. There needs to be a mutual respect for each culture’s ways and methods, rather than imagine one method is better than another.

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