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Soaring above in a hot air balloon

Who determines your market value – you or the market?

A fair pay for a fair day’s labor, as they say. If you are paid a certain remuneration, it is equitable to how much effort you put in, and how much results you yield for the company.

Armenian Apostolic Church of St Gregory the Illuminator

If I Were 22: Stay in a monastery or a farm

I am 50 this year, and in some ways, I haven’t been unkind to myself, and can be honest to say that I have lived my life to the fullest I can. If I were 22 right now, what would I have done differently?

In life and work, wait your turn and earn it

At work and in life, all too often we hear some people who demand that they get what they desire, and they want it their way, at their time. But the truth is, how many actually deserve what they desire?

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