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BlackBerry Passport smartphone

My initial experience with BlackBerry Passport

The new BlackBerry Passport has a large screen, a real QWERTY keyboard, a nice square screen, and a great long-lasting battery. So…, what’s not to like?

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Holding a modern smartphone

Business lessons from buying a mobile phone

One of the best ways to learn about the customer service delivery of a business or a brand, is to visit one of its front-line retail outlets.

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Mobile screen

Gadgets Brief – July 2013

We chat about the Foodbook and Alcatel One Touch Fire.

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mobile phone

Gadgets Brief – February 2013

We chat about the Vertu Ti, HTC One, and the Blackberry Z10.

202013_vertutiVertu Ti
Vertu is one of those brands that most of us would give a cursory glance and move on – mostly because it is out of our range. Nonetheless, Vertu has a new Android phone, the Ti, that has the dressing of Vertu and the heart of Android OS with a custom UI. Made of Titanium (remember the beautiful Titanium Powerbook from Apple?), the Ti is handmade out of 184 parts by a single craftsman in England. Vertu is not really about the phone, but the services, with the red Vertu Key button at the side of the new Ti phone, you can access Vertu’s services. Visit

022013_htconeHTC One
HTC has lagged behind Samsung and Apple not because its products aren’t great. In fact, I like their products and have owned some before. HTC’s latest Android and Windows Phone 8 devices are elegantly designed, and in no way behind the leading brands’ products. The new HTC One has BlinkFeed, which is a live stream on the home screen, almost like the Windows Phone idea, albeit running on Android. Unlike competing phone cameras, HTC One uses the “UltraPixel” technology which claims 3 times more light hitting the sensor compared to competing phone camera sensors, with a f/2 aperture lens. The phone does 1080p HD video capture as well. The phone features front-facing stereo speakers (BoomSound). Visit

022013_blackberryz10Blackberry Z10
Yes, Blackberry (formerly Research In Motion RIM) has launched a new smartphone without a physical keyboard, joining the ranks of the iOS and Android smartphone camps. In my opinion, there is nothing like a physical tactile keyboard on a smartphone that responds like how we are used to, but if the market drives the industry in another direction, we as users can only adapt to what’s available. The new Z10 features a 4.2-inch display with a pixel density of 356dpi with 1280 by 768 pixels resolution. The phone features a 2GB RAM and 16GB internal storage, a microSD expandable slot, with a 8-megapixel camera and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera. The camera features the unique “time shift” mode which captures a series of shots before and after, so that you can select along a sliding scale the best picture you like, and save that image. Visit

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video rig

Smartphone video journalism for everyone

Someone once said the best camera is the one with you. I agree. There are many advanced professional cameras in the market, but all too often, the perfect video or still photographic opportunity slips away from us because we did not have a camera with us. Or did we?

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Fujifilm X100s

The camera does not make the photographer

I read a great article on whether one really needs a DSLR, which resonated exactly with my views and my needs. If you love photography, it is really about bringing your perspective to others. It is not about how expensive your gear is.

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