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Is your social network profile looking anemic?

These days, we may get people wanting to connect with us. However, a profile with little or no information is uninspiring or downright suspicious.


Are you really a customer of social networks?

Have you noticed how social media networks keep changing, with privacy settings (or lack of), email settings, and many other features keep popping up?

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Forget social networking – just meet and chat

The rise of social media has become epidemic that those who love it, obsess over it relentlessly at the expense of other matters, and those who hate it, shy away religiously. And yet, will social networks replace real human relationships in business? No.

Branding and marketing and baking a good cake

Is strategic and tactical myopia crippling your brand and eroding its marketshare and mindshare? Why is making a cake similar to great branding?


Fans? SEO? Focus on great content first

Companies struggling with social media and websites may have been zooming in on an ever-changing quicksand. Perhaps it works better to look at something else to engage customers instead.

Organic reach and media ownership

Recently, there is a lot of talk about organic reach and the ever-changing game when immersed in social networks. How do we manage and control our content and outreach?

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