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Refinement through pressure and fire

3 timeless business lessons from George Michael’s “Freedom! 90” song

The 1990s were golden years, where I worked for some amazing multinational giants from banking to audit, and life was skyrocketing. Music and the arts were simpler, happier, brighter.

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cash and funding

Bad debt and business sense

What happens when a client owes you a lot of money for many months? The question is, should you even permit a client to owe you that much money for that long?

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Sengaku-ji, shrine temple for the 47 Ronin in Tokyo

Don’t chase the fad of serial entrepreneurship – focus!

Bill Gates, of Microsoft fame, is an example of a traditional entrepreneur, who ran one company, with the single-mindedness of perfecting his dream to conclusion. The result was obvious – Microsoft is today still one of the pillars of personal computing.

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Watch and time

Artisan and factory – both are valid business models

The mass market business model is a compelling model to many. Whether you are selling physical products, or software and services, many seem to gravitate towards the mass market model with the singular hope of becoming the next billionaire. However, not everyone will reach that goal, and there is another equally viable business model. What are some things to remember in a sustainable business?

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Raise prices to survive, or get competitive?

Have you been to establishments which raised their prices to naively attempt to balance their poor revenue, and then inevitably shuttered for good not long after?

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Business sustainability lessons from Taiwan

All too often, we hear CEOs of companies boasting what they are planning to turbocharge the growth of the companies they run. But, is rapid growth all that important, or is sustainable growth through decades more admirable?

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