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Refinement through pressure and fire

3 Litmus Tests for a Profitable Website

If you are a CXO, the most important things that occupy must be two things – profitability and sustainability. You can be profitable today, but can you sustain the company for the infinity? Profitability and sustainability are therefore two sides of the same coin. You will have a dud coin if you only have one embossed side.

Secrets of Website Optimization for speed (or things your web designer may not do)

Getting a website up is no longer difficult, at least on the surface. Anyone can claim to set up a website for you. But the secret about a high-performance website is what is done at the backend of the server and are steeped in technical complexity that most web designers have no interest or knowledge of. Let’s explore some of these secrets that would propel your website skywards with better PageSpeed and YSlow scores (for better SEO), and especially for mobile users.

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5 tips of choosing a website developer

Anyone these days can “design” a website, and make it pretty. But a website is so much more than just a pretty window to your business. It IS business itself. What should you look for when choosing a website developer?

Organic reach and media ownership

Recently, there is a lot of talk about organic reach and the ever-changing game when immersed in social networks. How do we manage and control our content and outreach?

Quality content for Web, social and mobile

Despite what you may have heard, good Web and social media presence is still about having quality content that people want to know about. Focus on content, and less on tricks.


Target readers with both long- and short-form content

Content is king, still is. The need for useful information is still there, although readers are increasingly bombarded with both textual and audio-visual content today. While the attention span of some readers may be short and require short-form writing, there are other readers who desire long-form writing. What should we do? Do both.

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