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Influencer and publisher – you

Do you have a lot of information, knowledge and wisdom that others out there may benefit from, but perhaps feel just a tad left out somehow? Don’t worry, the world is so rapidly evolving with players going through ups and downs, you will have no lack of opportunities to invent and share great outcomes of your own.

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Wrestling control or staying afar

Is it wise to imagine that we can always wrestle control from others to serve our objectives, or should we discern who we should be close to?

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Tradition and our humanity

Tradition is a good thing, even as we migrate forward in time and technology. Tradition preserves our roots, our heritage, our culture, and our humanity.

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Paradox of the “last mover” advantage

We often hear of “first mover’s advantage” in business and marketing, but not every first mover ends up the winner. There may be wisdom in not being the first, and having stamina and discernment instead.

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Our 3-Step Journeys in Life

What is the simplest way to describe how we live our lives? Is there a general pattern that many people follow? Yes there is. There is a 3-step process to how each of us walk our journeys in life.

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