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AI and the future of some jobs

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AI is going to demolish many jobs in many fields. Which?

Right now, I can already see jobs in the creative and media industries (at least some of them in some companies) such as the following quite possibly gone in the foreseeable future:

  1. newscasters (news reading)
  2. sound technicians
  3. graphic designers
  4. junior copywriters
  5. junior video editors
  6. junior photographers
  7. newsroom reporters (not analysts or commentators, yet)
  8. voiceover talents
  9. backup vocals
  10. supporting musicians
  11. and lots more in other industries (you know, e.g. coders)

The burden is on us, to quickly rise to harnessing AI as a tool, and not to allow it and those who master it, to displace us. It is a tool we harness, NOT our gods.

PS – Here’s a generative voice that mimics me, done in a British accent. It sounds kinda like me, but it is not me. And it reads out a script much more realistically than many TTS (text-to-speech) systems.