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Snippets: Exemplary customer service from a tiny watch repair shop

What is customer service to you? Just friendliness and courtesy? It is much more than that. A neighborhood small watch repair shop showed great customer service splendidly.

I do love watches, especially unique aviator pieces. One of my favorites is the Gurevich, which has hints of its more famous cousin from Bell & Ross, albeit costing just a fraction. To me, the watch reminds me of my late mum and her Slavic roots. Plus, it is a cool watch.

The Crown gasket of my watch was stuck and despite my best efforts, couldn’t get it loosened. Eventually, I managed to bring it down to an old shop near my city office.

After waiting for my turn, the lady boss and I chatted. She and her husband had been in this trade for over 30 years, about the same as my professional tenure as well. She was professional, meticulous and was great in customer service. For a job like mine costing just a few dollars, she gave me as much attention as selling an expensive wall clock.

Customer service is not just about good attitude, it is equally about good skills and knowledge that customers need and want. Hone all areas with equal passion.