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Seamus Phan, a health and fitness enthusiast since his childhood as 100m sprinter, karate and muay thai martial artist, and bodybuilder, writes on all things health and fitness. Personal opinions only, not meant as medical advice.


The story of a recycled mobile number (Chinese)

This is a short personal account about a contractor who helped us for many years, renovating our offices. We knew him since the early days when we moved to an office downtown. The story is in Chinese (Traditional script).

Stack of old books

Trust 500,000 years of human experience

The debate on the COVID19 saga whether it is a “black swan” or a “white swan” continues. To me, this COVID19 event is a preventable tragedy just as fellow academic Nassim Taleb who coined the “black swan” term said it is – a “white swan“; not only in terms of lives, but in terms of economies and livelihood too. It is a worrying trend and time.

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