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Hammers, Swords & Computers – they are just tools, not gods

I find it amusing, as a computer scientist and cybersecurity practitioner, that many, nerds and non-nerds, are enamored by all things computers – coding, cybersecurity, AI, etc.

Nerds who are industry practitioners have good reasons to entrenched in these areas – it is their livelihoods or they are good at it (usually both).

However, for most, let us just say God gave each of us a talent or more, and often, each of us is different from the next. Even siblings and twins are not the same. You may be a concert pianist, and your sibling a neurosurgeon, etc. So to uniformly think everyone can be an AI guru, coder, white hat hacker, or computer scientist, is arrogantly naive.

Remember, computers and their paraphernalia, are nothing more than tools, just as a hammer is but a tool to a mechanic, and a sword to a samurai. Don’t treat computers as gods, because they are merely tools.