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Adieu 2020, Welcome 2021

As we approach the end of possibly the most dreadful year ever, let us keep strong, stay close to loved ones, pray ceaselessly, and light a candle for a new year that soon dawns, as hope and better days are surely ahead. As the adage goes, “what goes down, must (eventually) go up”.

Here is a poem I wrote to turn the dreaded page of 2020 and welcome 2021.

adieu 2020

Adieu dreaded you, 2020

You, simmered under your beginning,
The invisible hand of one so chilling.
You, festered a small tide so insidiously,
A tsunami that masses did not foresee.

Kings waited aimlessly for signs,
Princes scurried with locks and fines,
Charlatans hissed vexes into dumb ears,
Prophets ignored and met with jeers.

Millions lost, livelihoods painfully built,
Yet as many saw age old ventures wilt.
The meek asked wherefore were paths,
The humble cried wherefore were rafts.

Bearing crosses heavy and heavier still,
Folks began to see pass the massive shill.
Small pockets kept vigil locked away,
Prayers for stoic sanity through night and day.

For the Divine is never too distant,
Nor inner strength a lofty ambition.
For we all are created to be sterner stuff,
Let us brush obstacles like dust off our cuff.

We the people unite in soul and prayers,
Never to forget war scars and dried tears.
A toast then, to a page soon turns,
And a bonfire to all old soon burns.

You, which brought death to many,
You, which brought tears to many,
Adieu, adieu, dreaded you,
No tears to a final goodbye to you.

Goodbye, in Chinese