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Short blog posts.

flight to the skies

Adieu 2020, Welcome 2021

As we approach the end of possibly the most dreadful year ever, let us keep strong, stay close to loved ones, pray ceaselessly, and light a candle for a new year that soon dawns, as hope and better days are surely ahead. As the adage goes, "what goes down, must (eventually) go up".

japanese gyoza (dumpings)

Snippets: Kindness from a small Kyoto gyoza stall owner

How can someone bless many poor students? With food.

compass in hand snow mountains

Snippets: Compass and Compassion

What does a sense of direction have to do with leadership in crisis? As it turns out, plenty.

kitchen knife on board

Snippets: Simple-looking is not simple, a lesson in soba and pasta

I do cook sometimes, whether it is soba, pasta, grilled meats, etc.
20201010 Taiwan National Day, 臺灣雙十節

Snippets: 10102020 – Taiwan, Happy Birthday

10102020,是蠻特別的。10102020 is numerically unique and memorable.

army camouflage colors - red teaming

Snippets: Tales of a young man

Once upon a time, a young man asked his parents if  he could leave home and become a Tibetan Buddhist ordained monk. The top gurus of a Tibetan Buddhist sect saw this young man's potential as a future religious teacher. At the age of 18, that young man already consumed the entire Mahayana Buddhist canon, was practising daily, waking up at 4am every morning to pray, was a vegan, and was adept in meditation.

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