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Short blog posts.


Snippets: Compass and Compassion

What does a sense of direction have to do with leadership in crisis? As it turns out, plenty.


Snippets: Simple-looking is not simple, a lesson in soba and pasta

I do cook sometimes, whether it is soba, pasta, grilled meats, etc.
20201010 Taiwan National Day, 臺灣雙十節

Snippets: 10102020 – Taiwan, Happy Birthday

10102020,是蠻特別的。10102020 is numerically unique and memorable.

army camouflage colors - red teaming concept

Snippets: Tales of a young man

Once upon a time, a young man asked his parents if  he could leave home and become a Tibetan Buddhist ordained monk. The top gurus of a Tibetan Buddhist sect saw this young man’s potential as a future religious teacher. At the age of 18, that young man already consumed the entire Mahayana Buddhist canon, was practising daily, waking up at 4am every morning to pray, was a vegan, and was adept in meditation.


Snippets: Top 3 safest countries in the world

Surprising to see one Asian country in the Top 3 Safest Countries in the world, and NOT the usual suspects.


Snippets: Leadership from 4 Asian airlines turning a profit in Q2 2020

Imagine, in the deep of COVID-19 season, where almost every airline is languishing or even facing closure, including stalwarts, there are a few which actually turned a profit.

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