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Snippets: Kindness from a small Kyoto gyoza stall owner

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How can someone bless many poor students? With food.

For many decades, Inoue-san posted a sign at his shop,

“Customers who can’t pay for their meals can eat their fill if they wash the dishes.”

The 70-year old retired and closed his venerable shop in October 2020, after feeding many poor students who attended the nearby Kyoto universities in Japan.

On TV news, Inoue-san was hugged and bowed to by many adults who benefited from his kindness through the years past, some with tears, upon learning his shop would close. Many of these former students are #professionals today, with families and kids.

Bless others with kindness and deeds, and God shines on your eternal soul (Micah 6:8, Ephesians 4:32).